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2023 Southern Cascade Regatta Cancellation

As of June 1, 2023, in spite of the 4th highest snowpack in the last 40 years, there will not be enough water in Howard Prairie to enable us to hold the regatta this year.  Capacity was at 4% at the start of the winter, and in spite of a pool elevation gain of 27 feet, it was not enough to provide us the depth we need.  Given that, we are again forced to cancel the Southern Cascade Regatta for 2023.  What the winter of 2023-24 brings is unknown, but with reasonable precipitation we are optimistic we will have adequate water next year.  With the new marina nearing completion, we will be able to operate in mid-level water years, ensuring much better chances of holding this great event.

Background - The primary purpose for Howard Prairie is to provide irrigation water to Rogue Valley agriculture, delivered through the Talent Irrigation District canal system.  Reservoir drawdown over the last several years is the result of sustained drought, resulting in required water delivery demands exceeding the available water supply which is replenished through winter rains, and more substantially a healthy snowpack.

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