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2022 Southern Cascade Regatta Cancellation

As of March 15, 2022, southern Oregon continues to be in severe to extreme drought conditions with the water level at Howard Prairie at historic lows.  The existing snowpack is receding quickly and the lack of spring rain offers no hope that the situation will change.  Given that, the Rogue Yacht Club is again forced to cancel the Southern Cascade Regatta for 2022.  We can only hope for a change in the area's drought status, and above normal winter precipitation over the next several years.

Background - The primary purpose for Howard Prairie is to provide irrigation water to Rogue Valley agriculture, delivered through the Talent Irrigation District canal system.  Reservoir drawdown over the last several years is the result of sustained drought, resulting in required water delivery demands exceeding the available water supply which is replenished through winter rains, and more substantially a healthy snowpack.


Howard Prairie at approximately 8% capacity

Lake levels as of April 19, 2021

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