About Rogue Yacht Club

The Rogue Yacht Club is an organized group, which has found pleasure through boating, with particular emphasis on sailing. The club held its first meeting in 1959 and was registered as a nonprofit organization, as provided by Oregon law. The Rogue Yacht Club promotes sailing as an inexpensive sport that can be enjoyed by persons of all ages.  The club organizes regular sailing races and social events throughout the year.

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The club has three SunFish sailboats available to members for use at Howard Prairie lake.


The RYC Board of Directors

  • Mark Warwick - Commodore
  • Derek Budd - Vice Commodore
  • Cindy Warwick - Treasurer
  • Parker Heiner - Secretary
  • Ted DeLong - Trustee
  • Mark Spitaleri - Trustee
  • Peter Cipes - Back Commodore


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