Oct 26, 2016

Club Communications

How can the club leverage new technology and be more effective at disseminating information.

Category: News
Posted by: rycadmin

The club is looking at new ways to keep the members engaged and up to date.  As many of you already know our long time Tell Tales editor Bill Horton is retiring from that effort after many years of much appreciated good work.  That void is being filled by new member Ted DeLong.  He will be looking at new tools to make that process more streamlined and effective.  We will also be looking at leveraging FaceBook more and perhaps mobile apps that allow for greater interaction and timely flow of information.  For example if the weather at the lake takes a turn for the worse right before an event we could broadcast an update or change of schedule.  If you have ideas or suggestions about enhancing communication within the club, email We'd love to hear from you.

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